Rack & Cabinet Accessories

Rack and Cabinet accessories are designed to maximize cable density and protection, while simplifying moves, adds and changes. Belden’s Zero U Vertical Panel accommodates fiber and copper connectivity without taking up valuable rack space. Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers allow routing of copper and fiber cables/patch cords while helping maintain proper bend radius. Rack or Cabinet-Level Access Control Systems, Shelves, Filler Panels and additional hardware are also available.


The Time-Saving Benefits of Zone Distribution

Denis Blouin. 08.11.2017

随着数字建筑物变得更普遍,越来越依赖于以太网(POE)和无线的电源,区域分布不再限于开放式空间。在不同环境中提供网络连接 - 从制造业楼层到酒店客房 - 支持物联网,并允许在没有重新配置或长线电缆返回电信室的连接设备上轻松移动和重新定位。乐动安卓