Industrial networks technology & product certifications.

Master the knowledge required for complex and mission-critical networking deployments while gaining practical experience with industry-leading Hirschmann™ technologies. Our comprehensive certification courses cover both technology & product topics, and span three levels from Specialist to advanced Engineer accreditation.


Certificate Description Prerequisite Topics Duration
Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Specialist (HiES) Foundational training confirms basic Ethernet, redundancy, VLANs, & prioritization application... HiES Exam 工业以太网(CT1) 2 days
Hirschmann Industrial Network Professional (HiNP) Certified individuals will gain important knowledge to manage large, mission-critical networks &... HiES Certification & HiNP Exam Industrial Networking (CT2) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Routing Professional (HiRP) Advanced training designed to build expertise in IP-related communication & networks with dynamic... HiES Certification & HiRP Exam Industrial Routing (CT3) 2 days
Hirschmann Industrial Network Engineer (HiNE) 最高的认证形式结合了HINP&HIRP能力 - 从设计与实现...... HiES, HiNP & HiRP Certifications Professionals with HiES, HiNP & HiRP certifications awarded HiNE accreditation without exam... 累积(HIRP的HIES)
Product-Specific Certifications

Certificate Description Prerequisite Training Duration
Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist (HiRS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist are able to offer wide-ranging... 赫尔斯考试 铁路家族(CP1) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) possesses expert Layer... HiBS Exam Industrial Backbone Devices (CP3) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional (HiPP) The interaction of different products in an ideally configured network calls for interdisciplinary... HiRS Certifications & HiPP Exam 网络管理与工业HiVsion (CP2) 2 days
Hirschmann工业系统工程师(Hise) The most advanced certification level available (HiSE) offers candidates the opportunity to... HiPP, HiRS, HiBS & HiNE Certifications Certificate holders automatically receive HiSE certification, without sitting an additional exam. 累积(HIR通过HIPP)
IBDN Systems Certification

贝尔登continues to offer certification training for IBDN Systems* enabling our partners to offer...

Certificate Who Should Attend Description 赢得了学分
IBDN安装铜和光纤组件 结构化布线安装技术人员项目经理管理工程师? 严谨为期两天的课程,涵盖IBDN系统组件,行业标准和最佳实践...... BISCI (14 CEC credits)
IBDN Design & Concepting Architects Designers Networking Consultants Two-day curriculum providing extensive hands-on learning in Belden fiber optic & twisted-pair... BICSI (14 CEC credits)