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Balancing the management & performance of your network while trying to keep pace new technology requirements is an ongoing challenge. We can provide timely access to the network expertise you need with highly qualified experts available to support your ongoing success with technology trend insights, certification programs, bespoke training and more.

As every network is different, so are your educational options—each personalized to meet your unique requirements including—

  • Practical training to design your specific network
  • 定制培训专注于网络设备和组件,技术或应用程序
  • Basic to advanced-level engineer certification programs
Enabling Success with Technology Resources & Training


A wealth of knowledge & insights from Belden

Network Certification Programs


Training Resources


Need Support?

贝尔登Solution Architects are ready to solve your use case or application needs.

Own Your Future

贝尔登training programs—from technical workshops and certification programs to on-demand content is designed to strengthen your team’s ability to manage the day-to-day demands of your network and provide the insight needed to stay ahead of innovation curve.

Belden Academy.


- Technology & product training

- Application-based solution training

- How-to demonstrational videos

- Proof-of-Concept Workshops

- 市场趋势(IIOT,高密度光纤基础设施,IT / OT,TSN等)


Technology Awareness

We’re wherever you are–iN人,在线和社交渠道,让您保持最新和通知。

- Roadshows & future technology forums

- Industry conferences & events

- 应用和技术网络研讨会

- 社交平台和聊天论坛



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